Sir Anselm

The frog is a worldwide symbol of fortune
The little creature stands for survival and capacity
to adjust itself to the changing conditions in the environment
Rain and flood, sun and severe drought
the frog will rise again and show its love for life
the very image of the final victory and success of perserverance.

Definitions according to The Swedish Naval ForcesDiving Security Reglementations.

Naval SCUBA Diver: Diver with good mobility equiped with breathing apparatus, mask, regulator second stage and usually with drysuite and fins. The scuba-diver can also be suplied with air, via hose, from the surface. In the Naval Forces there are different categories of scuba-divers; attack-diver, bas-diver, salvage-diver, mine-diver, clearance-diver, protection-diver and army-diver. Mine-Diver: Scuba-diver in the Naval Forces, Cost Artillery. Research and work underwater mainly with mines. Air 40m.

Mine-Diving pictures

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